Tuesday, November 4, 2008




That photo above was taken at simala with the friends or colleagues of my boyfriend.

Simala is best known as the miraculous shrine in the south Cebu. Many people came from different places especially during Sundays. They believed in miracle that brought by Marian Monks with the help of our blessed virgin Mary has been famous several years ago.

I, myself have been there twice. Devotees were sacrificing the heat of the sun as they light there candles and wrote there petitions in a small sheet of paper. I believed that Our Lord Jesus Christ would grant those prayers who sincerely and faithfully ask him. I can proved it to myself. Many times the Lord answered my prayers and sometimes I realized I have debt of gratitude to the Lord and the only way to repay his goodness is to worship him and accept him with all your heart. Without him we are nothing.

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Lilla said...

aloha, thankyou for following my blog. I have been to your country and sailed by many Islands there.
Lovely spot too, aloha Lilla

Arnulfo Sasa said...

Yup! I was also there last December 2008 and I was amazed with the great changes happened. Because the last time I visited that place was really different. I love the place and I want to go back soon to the Holy Place of Mama Mary.

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